Menya Kokoro newest outlet in Singapore

Who here loves soba? Especially so if you enjoy Maze-soba, you will be elated to know that Menya Kokoro has landed in Singapore! With 27 outlets worldwide, it’s still looking to expand further.

Located at Suntec City — Eat @ 7, Menya Kokoro has three exclusive dishes created. The Maze-Don, Curry Maze-Don and Vegan Maze-Soba.

Noodles are handmade with whole wheat flour with purified water and cooked for exactly 8 minutes 40 seconds for the perfect chewy texture. The Maze-Soba sauce is made from a secret recipe specially flown in from Japan to ensure consistency.

Did you know after eating your Maze-Soba main course, you could ask for a Oimeshi (last scoop of rice) where you can mix it up with your remaining “zup” and enjoy! Free soup is also given with your dish.

Original Maze-soba $10.80, this was my favourite of the lot. Slightly spicy, very appetising and keeps me wanting more. I love the texture of the handmade soba noodles!

Curry Maze-soba $13.80

Spicy Maze-soba $11.80, this was really spicy for me. If you love spicy food this is gonna be very satisfying. I could only manage a mouthful.

Curry Maze-don $13.80, this one here is similar to the Curry Maze-soba, just that the carbs here is rice. Very flavourful and made me belly-full too!

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