Shima Goodwood Park – Most Awarded Kaiseki Chef in Hokkaido’s New Menu Hotel

Shima is one of the restaurants beside Goodwood Park Hotel. Chef Hoshiba Fumihiko have joined Shima to bring to us a newly unveiled kaiseki menu mainstays. He has a impressive list of achievements, befitting a widely respected and renowned kaiseki Chef in Hokkaido.

We will be sharing with you the $88 dinner set below, starting from the top all the way to the last of the menu list!

The dimly lit restaurant has spotlights directed on the table or the food itself, adding to the appeal of the food. Get ready to see an array of beautifully crafted dishes that pleases your eyes.

Zensai (Japanese Appetiser)

We have the Sazae (Turbo cornutus, the one with the shell), Shiitake Kogarami, Kikunagi Akita Hitashi, Yuzu Steamed Aigamo, Ebi with Caviar and Ginnan on Matsuba. A lot of different kinds of flavours are on this plate, readying us for the upcoming dishes. Most have a refreshing and light taste to slowly build the momentum. The sazae was an interesting one for me because I seldom eat food that has a hard shell. It was creamy, chewy and easy to eat without any fishy smell.

3 types of Seasonal Sashimi

The Sashimi differs accordingly to the season where they taste the best and freshest. The tuna sashimi has beautiful gold flakes on it, making it so unbearable to eat something so pretty. There are 2 thick pieces of chutoro stacked up neatly together on top of a block of ice, keeping them icy cold. With this, you can afford to happily take as many photos as you want to capture the luxurious image before it ends up (sadly as mush) in your stomach. The prawn had a really surprising texture and taste that I have never tried before in my life. Maybe readers will go try it out then kindly teach me how to describe this particular sashimi. Hopefully.

Seasonal Fish in Sakana Kyoto Miso and Japanese A5 Wagyu with Aonegi Wrap

Now, we are ready for the cooked food, this plate has Seasonal Fish in Sakana Kyoto Miso and Japanese A5 Wagyu with Aonegi Wrap. A5 Wagyu, the highest grade of Japanese Black meat, will never fail you. The combination of the juicy wagyu and spring onion is so good that even carnivore eaters will enjoy this. The fish is little smoky and with a light taste.

Fukahire Chawanmushi – steamed egg custard with sharkfin and broth

At the bottom, there is a block of sesame tofu which didn’t go well with me because it overpowered the egg custard.

Kiku, Kani and Shimeiji

White Fish, Eringi and Shishito

 These can be enjoyed with the ponzo sauce.

Matsutake Takikomi Gohan, Miso Soup and Pickles

Matsutake Mushroom Rice. The matsutake mushroom is a prized ingredient in Japan comparable to the black truffle. With dashi stock, it is cooked in a claypot over a fire stove (a traditional way of cooking).

Seasonal Fruits & Japanese Sweets

We got the Matcha Icecream Mochi with melon and pear served in cold plate for our desserts. The matcha icecream mochi was light and subtle and kept at a very low temperature so I could thoroughly enjoy the mochi. Fruits met my expectations: Sweet and Soft. Really love how the meal ended on a lovely and sweet note.

It was a very pleasant experience at Shima with matching ambience. There are currently 5 sets of premium menu sets at as low as $48 to $288. For lunch, there is a choice of either the $48 set or $68 set. On the other hand, dinner has the $88, $188 and $288 sets. This is a good choice to bring your love ones on special occasions.

Love, Coralle


Address: Goodwood Park Hotel, 22 Scott’s Road, Singapore 228221

Operating hours: Mon – Sun 12pm – 2.30pm, 6pm -10.30pm

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